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The City Business Shipping Story

From Student Vision to California Shipping Leader

City Business Shipping began in 1995 as a dream sparked by University of Southern California Student,  Peter Adeli. Driven by the needs of his growing family, he envisioned a company bigger than just a pack and ship store.

City Business Shipping

That vision became reality with the commencement of the Senior Thesis for the USC School of Entrepreneurship.  The Initial location was a small building in the bustling Fashion District of Los Angeles.  City Business went on be the originator of Consolidated Shipping from the Garment District. 

We steadily expanded from two employees to 8 within a small location all very busy providing Parcel Shipping, Packaging and Consolidated Shipping.  In 2001 we added our second retail location again in Downtown Los Angeles's Toy District.  Then in 2004 we added our warehouse and fulfillment operation in San Pedro Mart District to address the needs of our every growing clients and their needs.   This location really propelled us into overdrive by adding the space we need to add trucks to the fleet. 

Once word got out about our dedication to service on all levels, the growth expanded.  Our Final Mile operations grew as the demand for online purchases grew.  Clients asked us to open in San Francisco to help meet their needs, so we did.  In 2017 we opened our state of the art warehouse in South San Francisco with a fleet of box trucks to boot.   

Beyond the Box: A Total Shipping Solution

We go beyond traditional pack and ship services. City Business Shipping offers businesses a complete transportation solution. Need help navigating international waters? We handle ocean imports, distribution, freight consolidation, and forwarding – all tailored to your specific needs.

A Commitment to Quality and Community

City Business Shipping doesn't just ship things, we build relationships. Our retail locations in the heart of LA's Fashion District cater specifically to the needs of fashion businesses, offering packaging consultations and specialized supplies. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality, imported packaging products to all our customers.

City Business Shipping: Your California Shipping Partner

We've grown from a student's dream to a California shipping leader. Let City Business Shipping be your partner for all your shipping needs – big or small, domestic or international.